Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heaven on Earth!

Yesterday we went to the most beautiful little town in Switzerland called ST MORITZ. Tressa has family who lives there and I was lucky enough to tag along and experience this beautiful mountain town. Everyday I see and experience new things...and new places and ask myself if there could possibly be anything more picturesque and beautiful?! Switzerland everyday continues to surprise me and everyday she is more beautiful to me. I wish there was a way to photgraph every little thing I see so I can share them with everyone but it would never be the same without being able to share the feelings and emotions felt while in each different place. The mountains were so green and each little house so unique. Everyday I pinch myself several times, a bit afraid I will wake up from this incredible dream. I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity and I look forward to each and every moment they all inspire me in ways I would never be able to be inspired anywhere else.

Thank you Rachel for the BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!

One of Tressa's relatives is a Pastry Chef and owns an amazing little PASTICCERIA (pastry shop) that is seriously Heaven on Earth! I have been so overwhelmed with how beautiful and amazing not only Switzerland and its scenery is, but now having seen the pastries!! Every thought of diets and calorie counting quickly left my mind as I struggled...seriously struggled with the decsion of which one to choose!! We must have stood there for atleast 15 minutes in front of the display indecisive and wondering what to choose first! The woman standing behind the counter, who spoke absolutely no English, stood there and giggled at us the entire time.

After some lunch and a little bit more wandering around the town...we piled in our mini car and traveled about 3 hours down a very curvy curvy Swiss Mountain road home. What a Perfect day!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Detained...yet again!


Well, first thing's first! For those of you who know me really will appreciate this first little fact of FUN! Today I discovered that there is an H&M just about 10 minutes away from the apartment I am living in here in Switzerland! I am so incredibly excited I could just run over there right now at 2:46 in the morning (the effects of jet lag are killing me!!) and shop my heart out!

After what I thought was one of the longest days of my life...we finally made it to Milan with all 9 pieces of our luggage! What part of Packing Light don't we understand? I guess it all just comes with being a girl. The cutest Swiss boys picked us up and just about died when they saw all that we brought. They have tiny tiny cars here that even we barely fit in! That was our first adventure. =)

The apartment we are staying in is so nice. We've completely taken it over but are having the time of our lives with Amos and Joy. They are doing everything possible to make us as comfortable as possible and they are the cutest things ever. I am sure for them...being two bachelors...having 3 cute single girls living with them in their apartment isn't to bad it is win win! ;)

The time change is killing us and we are doing nothing to get use to it. It is 3:19 in the morning right now and I am wide wide awake. I know...not much different then my normal sleep schedule back at home, but I usually don't stay awake for 24 hours the day before.

So! The reason for this email...I will share with ya'll in closing. We decided to go to Italy for dinner at a friend's home about 10 minutes across the Swiss/Italian border.

We feasted on fondue, salami, and lots of proscuitto! It was wonderful. The people here are so incredibly warm and friendly. After dinner we made our way back home through the pouring rain only to be detained at the border by Italian officials. I immediately begin to panic not being able to find my passport. As I searched through my bag digging through skittles wrappers, Guatemalan Quetzales, cough medicine and more...the officials impatiently asked us to get out of the car and wait. I finally found my passport and they disappeared with passports in hand. When they returned they were asking all sorts of questions. They made us turn around and empty our pockets. They searched the car completely...the only thing that was left was for them to take the tires off! Out of nerves...Tressa, Rachel and I were giggling like crazy. Jamie and Stacey Jo can relate with me on this one. The guys were giving us nervous looks telling us to be quiet but we just laughed even harder. The police asked us if we had any drugs and began searching for them on us. It was crazy! Car after car passed and as much as I would have liked an Italian Jail experience for my was cold and rainy and I wanted back in the car. After several glares and a lot of very fast Italian, they gave us our passports back and let us go. Phew! This one doesn't top my Bomb at the Boston airport story but I can't help but keep getting myself into these situations!

I am sure this was one of the first of many exciting adventures soon to come! I will try to keep you all updated as much as I can.

I want to hear all about your lives and what everyone is doing. Please keep me posted and the invitation is wide open...if you are up for an adventure...come on over! I will do the best I can with my SpanItalian and will show you some of the most beautiful sites my eyes have ever seen!

I miss you all and can't wait to hear from you.