Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Not Perfect.

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So my little sister Ashley, who is not so little anymore...asked a really cute boy, A SENIOR!, to Sadie Hawkins. She sent two of the cutest five year olds in the world dressed up as princesses, tiaras and all, to his house with a container filled with bubble gum and a letter written in calligraphy with the words:

Would you be my prince and go to Sadie Hawkins with me? written on it.

Ashley had put her name wrapped up in one of the two hundred pieces of bubble gum leaving him to sort through them all in search of his Princess!

Cute? Just wait...there's more. So tonight as I am eating a bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream and reading my latest favorite book "Everyone Worth Knowing" by Lauren Weisberger...I heard a loud knock at the door followed by the doorbell ring. Being so into my book, I yelled for my mom who was in the next room...apparently asleep on the lovesack, to answer the door. When she didn't respond and the doorbell rang again...I curiously ran upstairs wondering who could be here knocking on the door at 10:45 pm! Ashley was at a friend's house so I didn't think it would be for her but when I opened the door...there stood a very large poster of a very cute boy along with a bouquet of flowers and a note. Ashley had received her much anticipated answer! I quickly ran inside and called her telling her that her question had been answered and to hurry home. I didn't want to mess anything up so I left everything the way it was and went back to my book.
About fifteen minutes later, the door bell rang again! This time my mom heard it and she went upstairs half asleep to go and answer the door only to see a bunch of guys fixing the large poster and running back to their car and driving off. She was a bit confused but was anxious for Ashley to get home and see it. I grabbed my camera and turned the poster facing the street so that she would see it when she came home....and then I waited with my finger on the record button.

As you can see from her reaction above...she was on cloud nine and I told her to read the note out loud that was attached to the flowers. It said:

Sorry he can't be your Prince...but I'll be yours. Marc

Where are these guys in my age group?? Seriously! It was fun to see her happy, and even though the girl drives me absolutely nuts sometimes...I love being able to share the Happy times in life with her and lying in bed together eating junk food, talking about boys and which ones we like, and laughing until our stomachs hurt....have been some of the best times since I've been home.

I really do LOVE you Ashley Elizabeth.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


This past week we had a little fund raiser for The Rose Education Foundation at a place called Jump on It in Lindon, Utah. I was tired and didn't think I would jump, but they finally convinced me and I thought...WHY NOT??!!! I felt like I was eight years old but before I knew it I was having all sorts of fun remembering my trampoline days as a kid jumping around, doing knee flips, and BURNING LOTS AND LOTS OF CALORIES!!! My sweet friend Sharlynn was bouncing right along side me showing me up with her incredibly high toe touch. We had a blast and I really hadn't had that kind of fun in a very long time!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Having TIRED and Missing MOLLY

Well...I've been in the USA for about 3 weeks now and I still feel like I am trying to catch up! I feel like a walking zombie half the time and even though I try, I can't use the jet lag excuse anymore! It has been so nice catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while and snuggling all my little ones! I was able to FINALLY meet cute, little, adorable MOLLY BRADY who is already 6 months while I was in Dallas last week! It was fun being with her parents Megan and Blake too...I miss our Pizza, Cheetoh and Oreo nights! I love and miss the Brady Bunch!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of this beautiful little girl...she was all smiles and I just couldn't get enough! I can't wait to see her..and her mom and dad of course...again!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I said see you later to my family and flew to Dallas from San Diego where my dear friend Megan picked me up. I was able to meet her little Molly for the first time and she even let me hold her! And no tears!! Kelly got in a little bit after me so I let him rent the car and he drove out to Megan's to pick me up. It was SO good to see him after not haiving seen him for about 2 months! We then drove out to Jeff and Brandy's and were there just long enough to drop off our luggage and then we were out the door to the grocery store in preparation for our first Tailgating adventure!

This was my first game using my season ticket so it was super fun to see where we were at and the energy in Texas Stadium was unreal! Although the game didn't turn out the way we had hoped...we still managed to have a lot of fun and being with three Great Guys and being in the presence of America's team..what more coud a girl ask for?? The several ridiculous calls made by the Refs...the fact that we lost...and the heat I will admit didn't make the game super great...but the aweomse company..the NACHOS...and the drunken laughter did!

GO DALLAS COWBOYS! We'll see you next week when you defeat the Vikings!

My BROTHER...One of the Few Good Men!

After I said goodbye to the Hansens and missing 3 flights trying to get out of Virginia...I finally made it to San Diego just in time to spend a few days with my family and watch my extremely handsome little brother become a U.S. Marine. Seeing him for the first time since he left for bootcamp three months ago gave me chills all over and I have never been so proud of him as I was in that moment. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Cry, because the little brother that use to sing and read to me...the one whose extreme intelligence helped me pass my Honor's English classes in high school, and the most tenderhearted and loving boy that would never pass up an opportunity to tell me how much he loved me after having smacked a great big kiss on my cheek...that little brother marching in front of me was now a tall, handsome, strong man having accomplished one of the most intense and difficult 12 weeks of his entire life! I also couldn't help but laugh a bit at the funny glasses he had on...Frames that were like everyone else's who wore corrective lenses. He reminded me of Where's Waldo! I was honored to have been able to be there with him and I am so proud of him as he has accomplished yet again, another tremendous victory in his short life.

I jumped at the opportunity to help carry Randal's it is called. I guess carrying around a great big heavy backpack all over Switzerland, Italy and Spain these past few months just didn't do it for me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spa Day!

The girls needed a little bit of pampering so we put Miss Tate in charge and she was more than happy with her assignment. We all gathered around and took turns having a clay type/filled with minerals/good for your skin mask applied to our faces and had our nails painted. We were trying so hard not to laugh because it hurt just even smiling but it was inevitable. Below is Mackenzie's attempt =)

Plenty of Mask Silliness

Every good makeover ends with a little makeup and a fabulous while Tate glammed up our eyes and curled our hair...the guys sat back rolling their eyes a bit and giving thanks that they were born males!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Sweet little Luci...Our Tubing Adventure started with a little splurge on matching PINK Crocs! I've always wanted some and my little sidekick spotted them the second we walked into the little store where you rented the tubes. When I saw that they had Pink ones and in my size...I was Sold!

The weather was amazing. I can't believe how warm it has been here for being Fall and October! Today it was close to 90 degrees!! Virginia is so beautiful and with all the changing colors...our relaxing tube ride was that much more beautiful. It took us about 2 and a half hours to make it down. So much fun!

After all the tubing down the Patomac river fun fun, we piled into the FORD EXCURSION and drove to Harpers Ferry for an incredible view..cemeteries and silliness and ice cream!! It was once again another great day with the Hansen/Peterson Family.

We've made countless memories together and I am looking forward to many more in the future. As I continue my quest searching for "Home" wherever that may be...I can't help but think I've already found it. =) I love you Scott, Stin, Mackenzie, Luci, Tate, and Anders!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Night Out in NEW YORK CITY!

It has been so fun spending time with Noah, Kristi and McKay here in New York City these past few days. I can't get enough of them! Tonight they surprised me and treated me to a McDonalds Chocolate Shake followed by tickets to Legally Blonde on Broadway! I LOVED IT! The music was fun...the dancing great and there was PINK how could I not??!! =)

What a sweet blessing it is to have such wonderful friends. I am so thankful for them and look forward to our next adventure!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

REWIND--Venice, Italy

Due to the fact that internet was a tad bit limited on our little backpacking adventure...I am just now posting a few pictures from the trip. Here are a few pictures from our time spent in Venice.

The pigeons in St Mark's Square were everywhere! I had a very hard time with them at first...considering them "Rats with Wings" as my friend Christian refers to them by...but being the one that is all about the experience...I gave in and paid the 2 Euros for the bag of food and let them land all over me!

Venice wasn't our favorite...people everywhere...lots of impatient street vendors, but we did enjoy the very many picture taking opportunities and of course I had to get a shot of David the Gnome! Venice also gave us a beautiful sunset and the Hostel we stayed at wasn't that bad! The last picture is of us with some teenager from New Zealand backpacking excited that we had finally made it to our Hostel after having been lost for hours!! Prayers were definitely answered that day!