Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moscow Pictures

These great pictures are courtesy of my 
ever so talented sister Krissy
who was the photographer on the trip.  I forgot to bring my camera!  

St Basil's Cathedral at night.  
No photoshop...I promise.
It was gorgeous!
The Mall all lit up.
St. Basil's during the day.
We had the opportunity to see the Bolshoi Ballet Company
perform the ballet The Golden Age.  It was amazing.
Christ the Saviour Cathedral
One of my favorite views in the city.  
Sweet Olesya...A new friend and one of the
 sweetest people I've ever met! 
  Here she is making me proud with the classic Fishy Face. 
Another view of the Cathedral.  We happened to be there during
the Russian Easter so while inside this church we saw
many people going in and out having 
their eggs and special sweet bread blessed.
We did a lot of walking these 3 days.  Sometimes I'd stop
to rest and look up and it would hit me again that we
were in Moscow.  So fun!
It would randomly start snowing.  Here we are
outside of Lenin's Tomb.  We saw his ACTUAL body
laying there.  CREEEEEEPY!
Fake Cherry Blossoms inside the GUM Mall

The days went by to fast.  I really want to go back.  Maybe I'll wait until 
the weather warms up though.

Thank you Moscow for a lovely adventure and an unforgettable
experience.  See you again someday. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


-I love this city.
-The Metro is so clean, super reliable and BEAUTIFUL.
-In MOscow it snows while the Sun is shining the snow is PRETTY and not COLD.
-Apparantly, Purple is the new black here. Everything from tights to shoes, hats and purses! Purple is everywhere! It's a good thing I brought my purple Puma's, my purple scarf, and my purple blanket!! =)
-What is it about finding a Hard Rock Cafe in a foreign country that makes you feel so at home? Good times and yummy food were had tonight at the HARD ROCK CAFE MOSCOW.
Disclaimer: I always seem to forget how expensive they are though.
- Lenin's actual body displayed for all to see is very creepy. And! Don't get caught with your hands in your pockets while you are in there...the russian guards will yell at you.
- You can put a scarf over your head and blend right'll look just like a little russian old lady.
- Potatos just taste better here.
- Being in Moscow with my sister Krissy is the best. She makes me laugh and the random, crazy adventures we are experiencing together are so much more fun!
- We met a new friend. Her name is Oleyesa and she looks like a little porcelin doll. She has been our tour guide in exchange for a big jar of Peanut Butter.

More pictures and stories to come...just a little sampling of the 2 out of 4 days we will be experiencing in this magnificent city!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

A lovely afternoon in Washington DC.
Thank you Hansen/Peterson Clan for a perfect 48 hours.

(I apologize for my mediocre Iphone pics)

More on Cherry Blossom Fun Fun HERE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Judge

I kinda want to go see this movie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Love Wednesdays.

I love Wednesdays because once a Wednesday know your week is half way over.
The weekend is that much closer.  This week's Wednesday was lovely.


1.  Work went by fast.
2.  I had lunch with my mom.
3.  I made some exciting life changing decisions that I feel GREAT about.
4.  After a bit of phone tag, I finally got to talk to Kristi today.  What an inspiration she is to me!
5.  I got the best bear hug from my Dad.
6.  I went to dinner with Carolina.  I love Carolina and I love Cafe Rio!!
7.  American Idol and LOST are on tonight.  


Ya, it was a great Wednesday.

Next Wednesday I will be on a plane to the East Coast for a few days.

And then the following Wednesday...

I'll be on a plane to Boston and then to Moscow, RUSSIA!!!