Sunday, March 23, 2008

St Patrick's Day in NYC

St Patrick's Day in NYC was definitely a memorable one. There was a big parade and everywhere you looked people were wearing green. Thanks to Kelly, and the fabulous Green coat he bought me, I fit right in with the crowd. We even wore these big green and blue glasses I found in a dollar bin in Utah and just before I got on the subway to head for the airport...we had someone snap a picture of us. Thank you Noah, Kristi and McKay other family...for another unforgettable weekend! 

Central Park Fun Fun

A BEAUTIFUL afternoon in Central Park. I sure do love these guys and have so much fun with them! May I PLEASE come back??!!!


Gotta love the 2 dollar hot dogs from the street vendors in NYC.  If only I could get a good shot of us eating them!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magnolia Bakery

One of my favorite things about NYC is the FOOD!  I have never left the city without having tried something new that I leave craving more and more each day I'm away.  It is one reason I keep coming back to this wonderful city.  Everywhere you look there is a little restaurant and whatever food you are craving and from whatever part of the world from Cambodian to Mexican and Indian to is only one call away and almost all deliver!  This trip I finally made it to Magnolia Bakery.  I have been dying to try their cupcakes ever since I watched the gals on "Sex and the City" devour their Pink Cupcakes.  Noah, Kristi, McKay and I all worked our way down and tried a few different ones and they sure were tasty.  Sorry Tyler, but I totally went over my calories today! =(  Tomorrow I return home, but not without trying a few new places I've had my eyes on.  

Monday, March 10, 2008

New York City Here I Come!!

I leave tomorrow night for a much needed EYRE week of fun fun and adventure.  It was a last minute, random, spare of the moment decision but I am so excited and can hardly count the hours until I'm squished in a smelly subway car or eating a Gyro on the street with My Kristi or ganging up on Kristi with Noah as we eat salsa, read Jack Handy Quotes and go through old pictures and movies from happy days at BYU Hawaii!  Oh I am SOOOOO excited!! 
Can you tell?!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My BEAUTIFUL mother celebrates one more year of life today! I just put most of my pictures on a zip drive that I've misplaced (surprise, surprise) and this was the only one I could find.  
My dad and I were very sneaky this year and sent her to the East Coast for 10 days dedicated just for and only to her! At first she didn't want to take the time to leave...fearing that there was to much to do at home...but we convinced her it was all just going to have to wait! 
 I just wanted to publicly express my love for this woman.  She is an incredible example to me and to so many.  I love her for her tremendous amount of courage, Faith and her ability to make everything better.  From her "Momisms" to her cute laugh and her FAMOUS MAYAN TREASURE SALSA, my mom brightens everyone's day.  I can honestly say that I, along with many many others, are better people having her in our lives.

I love you Momma Bear!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reminiscing Warmth

I am looking out the window right now at all the white snow covering the ground.  I am laying in bed with my sweet grandma next to me cuddled up tight in a warm blanket as she recoups from surgery.  The space heater is set to high and I have put three pairs of socks on my feet and yet they are STILL cold.  
September and October we are ready for a change of season and by November we anxiously await the first snowfall.  In December we all hope for a White Christmas because well, that's how it is supposed to be and it wouldn't be Christmas without it. The skiers and snow boarders hit the slopes on the snow covered mountains and Snowmen start to appear on neighboring lawns.  Then January...a brand new year begins and we are busily distracted by our sincere desires to work on our New Years Resolutions.  Soon January ends, February creeps by and then it is now, the time of year I hate the most!  

I am tired of getting all bundled up just to go to the gym.  My feet have been freezing cold since November.  The snow is no longer beautiful and driving in it ruins my entire day!  I try to see the good and happy of the lingering cold weather but inside my mind I am counting the days until the sun shines down brightly, spreading its warmth down on everyone and everything. 
It was this time, a little over a year ago that my good friend Kelly and I had just about had enough!  We decided to get away taking our friend Nedra up on her invitation to spend a long weekend at her beautiful home in Maui.   Hawaii has always had such a special place in my is my happy place and I often go there in my mind.  From my days spent there at BYU-Hawaii to the several opportunities I've had to get away and go there on vacation....I can't help but think that for me it is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  

Again, as I look outside the window at the cold, icy snow I now close my eyes and picture myself on those magical, white sandy beaches of Hawaii.  Thank you Nedra for a beautiful trip and thank you Hawaii for countless moments of WARMTH, serenity and peace.