Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things that make me SMILE

My beautiful and oh so talented friend, Carolina, inspired this post today. I really need to focus more on what makes me happy and smile in life NOW.

Here is a list of some things that are currently making me smile =)

1. Sushi/Movie/Girl's Nights
3. Pretzel Time Lemonade
4. Pandora Iphone App
5. Reading Old Journal Entries and Laughing at Myself
6. Reconnecting with Old Friends
7. Planning My Next Trip/Adventure
8. Holding and Loving and Kissing Babies
9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
10. Watching Reality TV show with my Cousins, who are also MyUpstairs Neighbors
What a sweet blessing it has been living with them...but I'll save that for another post! =)
11. Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets
12. IKEA
13. Netflix
14. DIET DR PEPPER with Cherry
15. My Mom's Cute Texts
oK OK. That'll do for now. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Brother the Hero

My little brother (not so little anymore) Randal, is a United States Marine currently serving our country in Iraq.  I sure do miss him and pray for his safety every single day.  

He is MY Hero.

I love you Randal.

My Sister the Snake Charmer

I am deathly afraid of snakes...Even just looking at this picture of my sister Lindsay holding a Python gives me the creeps!  Lindsay is currently serving a mission for our 
Church in Belem, Brazil and is constantly running into all sorts
of crazy things!!

I've included, in her words, her run in with the Python. 

"Funny story. Last week we had our district meeting in Abaetetuba, which is a 1 1/2 hour bus ride and when we arrived, the member who lives next to the chapel earlier that week found a python on top of the chapel! He captured it and kept it in a barrell for the fireman to come and take it away. When we arrived the Elders were joking that we would be having snake for lunch. The member pulled the python out of the barell and onto the ground as each of us took pictures. I then asked if I could hold the snake and take a picture. He laughed because not even the Elders, all Brasilian by the way, were courageous enough to hold the snake. But I was serious. So he handed me the snake, I took a picture and then.... the snake peed on me. And hollllly balogne... I stunk big time. Good times.. =p"

My Sister the Photographer

My beautiful and very talented sister Krissy knows how to take good pictures!
She is one of my favorite travel buddies and has captured a lot
of our world wide adventures together HERE